As rehabilitation hospital professionals, we are committed to offering the programs and services needed to facilitate optimal outcomes. We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with you in the rehabilitation phase of your recovery.

We trust that by providing information about inpatient rehabilitation, you can take an active role in the recovery process. After all, the patient is the most important member of the rehabilitation team.

It is our goal to exceed your expectations during the rehabilitation stay. If, at any time, there is an aspect of the program that is falling short of your needs, please do not hesitate to bring the matter to our attention. We are committed to providing you a holistic rehabilitative experience.


As part of the preadmission service, you will meet one of our rehab nurse liaisons, as well as a rehab physician. In this phase, we invite you to explore your options for rehabilitation and make an informed decision.

Information on your current medical and functional needs will be assessed. Additionally, your input will be important in developing a proposed treatment plan designed to meet your goals for recovery. The admissions staff will check health insurance benefits and advise you on coverage for the program.

You and your family are invited to tour The Brookdale Center to become familiar with the facility and the services offered. Feel free to call the admissions office to schedule a tour.