Phases of the Rehabilitation Stay

Phase I

Before Admission

Phase II

Assessment & Orientation

Phase III

Treatment & Progression

Phase IV

Transition Planning & Discharge

Phase V

After You Go Home

Coordination of the rehabilitation stay is primarily overseen by the physician and case manager. Each patient has unique needs and a specialized treatment plan designed to optimize recovery. The physician will coordinate with other medical staff members to ensure that both functional and medical goals are fully addressed.

As your healing progresses, the team will focus on transitional skill building. This is a time when education is provided relating to ongoing health management, as well as fine tuning skills for a successful transition into the community. The discharge date is determined on the basis of individualized progress toward goals. Your case manager will be the primary person coordinating all services after the rehab stay.

Hospital Services

The NCH Healthcare System provides a full array of medical services onsite, including diagnostic imaging, pharmacy, and laboratory services on a round-the-clock basis. Timely response for any ordered test or treatment is facilitated by the nursing staff to ensure access to services, as well as prompt coordination with physicians for any adjustments to the care plan.

Most physicians are private practitioners; however, NCH does employ some doctors. If your care team includes a hospital-employed physician, professional fees will be listed on the hospital bill for services.