Specialized Programming Features

Nature-in-Healing Program is facilitated through the concierge service and provides opportunities for patients to take a break from the indoors. These breaks are scheduled between therapy sessions; if you’d like to participate—ask your therapist.

Arts-in-Healing Program encourages patients to participate in a variety of activities that are designed to provide a respite for both mind & body, and complement the recovery program.

Licensed to Drive Program involves evaluating your readiness to propel a wheelchair. You may be issued a “License to Drive.” This permit extends to you the freedom of movement throughout the unit as you wish, and to take charge of getting to & from therapy sessions.

Compassion in Action Program is a complementary service promoting a holistic approach to healing and relaxation utilizing aromatherapy and massage techniques. Ask your nurse for more information on these holistic sessions.

Family Training Sessions family members can be scheduled to attend therapy sessions. This experience often provides education & valuable information about what to expect in planning for the homecoming.

Patient Care Conferences provide patients & family members an opportunity to take some time out of the routine, ask questions, and explore options with the treatment team. If you would like to schedule a session, please let your case manager know.

Home Evaluation is a scheduled outing to your home with a therapist to assess and guide in preparing the home setting with an eye on safety.

Community Outing is an opportunity to venture into the community accompanied by a therapist, to test out newly learned skills and build confidence. Transportation will be arranged by the therapist.

Family Overnight Stay this option provides an opportunity for caregivers to get in tune with the overnight routine, prior to taking the patient home. It serves like a “dry-run,” and yet with the safety net of professional staff at the ready. Ask your case manager about this option.

Therapeutic Day Pass is a scheduled outing with family/friends to practice transitioning skills and provide the therapy team with information on final things to work on.