Your Rehabilitation Team

The rehabilitation team is made up of many professionals. Our services are based on an interdisciplinary model. However, the most important members of the team are the patient & family members.

Physicians- specializing in physical medicine & rehabilitation, physiatrists, as well as other medical specialists, work to provide comprehensive medical care and treatment.

Rehabilitation nurses - perform daily physical assessments and provide ongoing nursing care, including monitoring overall health and healing. They also provide individualized education related to specific diagnoses and recovery.

Case managers - coordinate the care plan. They serve as a link between the patient/family & the team, as well as insurance carriers & community resources for a smooth transition from the hospital.

Physical therapists - focus on restoring physical function of the body to improve strength, endurance, balance, walking and overall mobility.

Occupational therapists - work to restore one’s ability to perform activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, toileting, cooking and shopping with a focus on improved strength, balance, coordination, endurance, and safety awareness.

Speech/Language pathologists - promote the restoration and improvement of communication and cognitive skills through clinical assessment tools and treatment techniques. Additionally, these professionals address swallowing disorders.

Recreational therapists - use a variety of activities designed to promote cognitive and physical functioning, as well as improve the quality of life. An emphasis is placed on re-engaging in leisure activities to promote community re-entry.

Ancillary team members - from time to time will also join the team to address a particular need. These specialists may include: clinical dietitians, pharmacists, education specialists, wound care nurses, and more.

Concierge staff - enhance the hospitalization experience by providing reading/entertainment materials, assisting with internet access, and/or setting up a hospital based website for communication with loved ones. These volunteers also make follow up phone calls to patients once discharged.