Your Visit


It is important that any medication be administered by a rehab nurse as prescribed by your physician. Medications brought in from home (including herbal preparations & over-the-counter medications) should be taken home, unless you’ve been specifically instructed otherwise by your physician.

Personal Hygiene

Re-establishing one’s personal routine is an important aspect of getting back to an independent lifestyle. Please share with nursing & therapy staff when you normally shower or bathe so that your schedule can be built around these times.


There’s a balance between encouraging independence & safeguarding against injury while you’re a patient. Please be aware that precautions taken are for your safety, and those around you.


Breakfast is served bedside, lunch & dinner in common dining areas. If part of the rehab program includes therapeutic dining, meals will be coordinated with clinical staff.


We take the responsibility of protecting your privacy with regard to your person, as well as your medical information. If you have any concerns in this area please let us know.