Howard J Kapp, Orthopedic Surgeon

Featured Testimonials

Perhaps the best way to make a decision about replacing a hip or knee is to talk with patients who have already made the decision and share their experiences. Here are five very personal perspectives.

Robert Caster

"My right hip replacement with Dr. Kapp couldn't have been better. Before, I couldn't even take a long walk, but now I can walk 5, 6, 10 miles without any pain whatsoever. The surgery drastically improved my quality of life; now, I move easily around the tennis court and it didn't even take very long after the procedure to get back into it. Dr. Kapp's staff is terrific-extremely knowledgeable and well orchestrated. Everything really flowed."

Michael Anderson

"I have nothing but praise for Dr. Kapp and his team. I'm a distance runner, skier, biker, and a former lineman for a power company, so I was used to a very active life, but by retirement, my mobility became very limited. Then I had a bilateral total knee replacement with Dr. Kapp which went great-after only twelve days, I've been getting around with much ease, and even using the elliptical machine at the gym, all with my staples still in! Dr. Kapp's office team is truly unbelievable and they take care of everything, from blood work, to equipment, to appointments."

William Volmer

"I originally went to Dr. Kapp with acute pain and a particularly difficult case involving my left knee, but he approached the case with incredible attention and ease. I am genuinely ecstatic with the entire ordeal, for Dr. Kapp is so dedicated to making sure the operations are absolutely perfect. As a former fullback at Harvard, I was used to biking and playing tennis quite a bit until the pain took over. But now things are almost better than before. I go to the gym five days a week, swim, and can bike 50 miles without any pain whatsoever."

Sue Coates

"I had already had three previous, unsuccessful knee surgeries prior to seeing Dr. Kapp, who decided, due to my acute pain, to perform a revision and a replacement of both of my knees. Luckily, this time, it worked and I was able to start golfing again after only three weeks. Dr. Kapp's staff is very accommodating and flexible, giving many options, such as the possibility of not taking narcotics post-surgery. Dr. Kapp is funny, to the point, and really enjoys what he does."

Arthur Haber

"I decided I needed to have knee replacement surgeries when I realized I couldn't play golf and exercise in the same day without pain, so I went to Dr. Kapp-a fantastic, super-trained orthopedic surgeon. After the operation, I walked out of the hospital without anything after only six days, and was completely back to normal after six weeks. His staff is good and gets things done, making the procedure extremely smooth and timely."