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Bone Preparation

The bone has to be prepared for acceptance of the implants. For the acetabulum, this is done with tools called reamers. The reamers are in the shape of a hemisphere, and they shape the acetabular bone into a hemispherical geometry. This allows the acetabular component (which is a hemisphere, shaped like a cup) to be implanted into the bony acetabulum. This preparation of the bone also stimulates its growth into the metal shell by stimulating the bone cells to repair the bone and to heal the bone.

In the femur, the bone preparation is done by tools that are also called reamers, and by broaches. A reamer will be used to determine the size of the canal within the bone into which the stem is placed. The broaches are the same shape as the stem, and are used to open the femoral bone and prepare it into the shape to accept the femoral implants. Again, the bone will grow into the femoral implant as it repairs itself and heals.