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H. Kurtis Biggs, DO

Before Peter Miskech consulted an orthopedic specialist for a possible knee replacement, he did his homework.

He researched the training and experience of eight surgeons before choosing H. Kurtis Biggs, DO, a fellowship-trained, board-certified orthopedic surgeon and founder of the Joint Replacement Institute in Naples.

“It was the process, system and methodology that sold me on Dr. Biggs. The design of the knee replacement was made within one-half millimeter for precision fit, with virtually no room for error,” Miskech said. “Today, at eight weeks recovery, I am able to swim, bicycle, play tennis and golf, and I continue to work hard to restore my knee to full mobility.”

Dr. Biggs said that patients who are informed, who know what questions to ask and who have realistic expectations will attain the best outcomes.

For those like Miskech in need of patient-specific knee replacements, Dr. Biggs said cutting-edge computer navigation and information from the patient’s MRI enable him to custom design precision implants.

Using the latest techniques, the patient is discharged after just 48 hours compared to traditional procedures which require a longer hospital stay.

For those requiring patient-specific partial knee resurfacing, procedures are performed with the newest version of patient-specific implants and cutting jigs. Because this portion of the procedure is done before the surgery, this evolution has not only eliminated the need for the robot-assisted technique but also has shortened the procedure, thereby reducing blood loss and lessening the risk of infection.

Another common procedure, hip replacement, is performed with a direct anterior approach technique that results in less trauma since muscles are not cut.

Different from traditional hip surgery, which has a back-entry approach, the surgeon can better estimate leg length and reduce the risk of dislocation after surgery. There is also less loss of blood and decreased scarring around the joint.

The hospital stay is significantly shortened to 24 hours, and the recovery rate and return-to-function time are shortened to four-to six-weeks as compared to the eight-to 12-week recovery period of traditional surgery.

In addition to his expertise in the field of orthopedic implant surgery, Dr. Biggs said the hallmarks of his practice are his compassion, personal attention and ability to explain complex problems in a clear, upfront and simple manner.

Dr. Biggs completed his fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and was in private practice in Massillon, Ohio for five years, performing more than 400 joint replacements each year.

In 2008, he relocated to Naples with his wife and five children and opened the Joint Replacement Institute.

Dr. Jamie Weaver, a podiatric surgeon, also works at the Joint Replacement Institute, which offers a complete range of services for orthopedic and podiatric care.

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