Howard J Kapp, Orthopedic Surgeon

Pre-Op Instructions for Total Hip Replacement

  1. Once you have decided to proceed with your joint replacement, you will be contacted by our surgery scheduler to set an operative date and by our office nurse to discuss your medical history and medical clearance.
  2. Depending on your medical history and your other medical doctors, you may need to see your primary care doctor or cardiologist prior to surgery to get medical clearance. If recommended by your other doctors, you may need some tests such as EKG, stress test, and blood work prior to being cleared for surgery.
  3. All patients will be seen a few days prior to surgery in our office. The patient will first see Dr. Kapp's physician assistant for a history and physical and to ask questions. The patient will then see Dr. Kapp to go over the details regarding the surgery. X-rays may be necessary at this visit. After this office visit, the patient will go to the NCH preadmission office in the Medical Plaza Building to have lab work done and do more pre-op paperwork with the hospital.
  4. You will be given a telephone number to call to arrange to attend a hospital seminar regarding your total joint replacement. Although not required, most patients find this very informative and reassuring.
  5. During your pre-operative visit, we will review which medications you should take the morning of surgery with only a small sip of water. Otherwise, do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before surgery, including gum and candy.
  6. You should arrive at the main entrance of NCH, the admitting office, three (3) hours prior to surgery. If you are the first case of the day (7:30 a.m.), you should arrive at 5:30 a.m.
  7. You will be taken from admitting to the second floor family waiting room, where your family can waiting during your surgery. From there, you will be taken to the pre-operative holding area. In the preoperative holding area, you will have an IV started, your operative area shaved and cleaned, and the correct leg marked. You will meet your anesthesia team and discuss your anesthesia options which Dr. Kapp has already discussed with you at your pre-operative visit. Dr. Kapp will also see you in the pre-operative holding area.

Download Pre-Op Instructions for Total Hip Replacement